• Jeb

Staying on the South Shore

The summer time on Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA can be near perfect on most days. Located on a small peninsula, situated on the south shore of the Boston Harbor, high temperatures in July are usually in the mid to upper 70's in the day, with lows down into the 60's at night. It's a truly great place to be if you enjoy the beach life. People who live or rent in the neighborhood can be seen in a constant parade, as they make their way back-n-forth, in small caravans, lugging carts filled with beach chairs, coolers, and other ocean junkie accessories. There's no beach parking in our immediate Hull neighborhood (commonly referred to as the Alphabet Streets) So the only way on or off of the sand is to walk or ride a bike.

The G Street Beach Walk Takes About Five Minutes

Despite it being a neighborhood beach, the sands of G Street can still be fairly crowded by noon time... so claiming your spot early is critical if you plan on hanging for the day. We like to set up camp in a good spot in the morning, and then we're free to walk home for anything we need. It's about a five minutes walk from the beach access to the driveway. There are a couple of bikes to make it go faster.

Outside of the residential areas Nantasket Beach in Hull has a State Park that is open for public beach goers. In the old days this area was famous for Paragon Park, which had carnival rides, including a wooden rollercoaster. But these days the only remnants left are the carousel, mini-golf, and a few old structures and buildings.

Nantasket Beach Resort

So where can you stay in Hull, MA if you wanted to come here for a vacation? It's a small beach town, but there are three places that have vacancies for the 4th of July as of right now, typing this blog post. The prices are higher than normal because it's a holiday, and it's the beach.

Another option is to stay in the city of Boston. This is our recommendation for folks who've never been here before. Basing your trip on the city opens up a ton of tourism opportunities, especially during the 4th of July timeframe. There are literally dozens upon dozens of hotel options there, at all the price-points. If you choose the Long Wharf area, near the famed Faneuil Hall Marketplace, you're just a short commuter ferry ride across the Boston Harbor to visit my neighborhood. Fares are around $10 per person to/from Hull (and there's a bar if you want a cocktail). The boat ride is a spectacular 25 minutes each way with amazing views of the city and harbor. The summer ferry schedule has not been posted yet, but based on previous non-covid years, there should be plenty of opportunities to visit Hull and return to your Boston-area hotel using this convenient boat. No rental car needed! The actual hotel that sits right on the ferry dock terminal is the Marriot Long Wharf. It's a really fun area to be in the summer and also super close access to the Logan airport.

There are also some great AirBnB and VRBO options for the area if you plan on renting a car after your flight, or driving in from wherever you are. As of today there are only three houses in Hull available during the holiday week on the AirBnB website, and the prices are pretty high right now. But in the neighboring beach and harbor towns there were more rentals available. So check the towns of Scituate, Cohasset, and Hingham (Hingham connects to the ferry into Boston). There are also other South Shore options in Quincy, Braintree, and Weymouth... but some neighborhoods are better than others. We're totally willing to help you find accommodations that work for you, so please don't hesitate to ask us!

We will post more travel information in the coming months for the friends and family who are visiting from out of state. And we do have some plans in the works for parking and traveling into Hull for the party, on the holiday itself... because it's going to be bonkers-busy. Well that's all we have for now. We can't wait to see everybody!