• Jeb

Serving Up Sarcastic Swine

We've officially announced the menu for our wedding celebration. All of the food will be catered by Sarcastic Swine, known on the South Shore for their high-quality barbecue eats. Jamie and I were there for a tasting back in May, and we departed completely engorged! It was a really tough decision choosing our menu because everything we tried was so delicious. Special thanks to the owner, Michael Crooks, for spending so much time with us. He and his staff treated us like VIP's. Total class joint. You can check out the Phantom Gourmet's YouTube review of Sarcastic Swine, from when he visited them right before the pandemic. This place is the tits. Hungry yet???

Here's our menu that we selected below... vegetarians can take off! Haha, just kidding! If you don't eat meat, there should be plenty of mac-n-cheese, corn, and coleslaw, as well as a few other non-meat items to fill your belly. Oh, and open bar!