• Jeb

Driving to Hull

a view of Hull, MA from the sky
Hull's Eye View

There's only one route to drive into Hull. You've got to cross the Fore River Bridge in Quincy, then another one in South Weymouth, before driving past the famous Shipyard in Hingham. Finally, the road bends and then it eventually ends on a little peninsula that protrudes north into the Boston Harbor. Hull is quite picturesque from the sky, looking more like a Florida Key than a beach town in Massachusetts.

If you're driving in for the party, you'll probably experience some traffic on the way to the coast. Nantasket Beach, Hull's main attraction, is a decent draw for New England residents wanting to take a dip in the Atlantic. And there's just one road into this beach town. The entry way begins as MA-3A briefly turns into George Washington Blvd before quickly becoming Nantasket Ave. So if you can navigate to MA-3A S, just follow the signs into Nantasket Beach. It's a really scenic drive at some points.

There is one trick to finding our house, however. The address is 46 Central Ave, BUT, the actual entrance to our house is on G Street. We're located on the Southeast corner of Central Ave and G Street. There should be enough street parking on Central Ave (along the side of our property) for most of our guests. For others, we might have you park at Nantasket Beach and shuttle you in. We will reach out to everyone individually who is driving, so we can come up with a good game plan for parking. We really recommend coming earlier in the day and enjoying the beaches before the party and festivities begin. I've posted driving directions below, but you should also use Google Maps or the WAZE app to guide you into the neighborhood.

And just another reminder to have a designated driver for later in the evening when it's time to go home! See you at the party.