About Us

Jeb and Jamie met in the small beach town of Hull, MA one week after Valentines Day and a month before COVID became a Pandemic in 2020. Six months later they bought a house and moved in together. They're now raising Jamie's 11 year old son and living their best life across the street from the Atlantic Ocean.

Jamie is a Massachusetts native, while Jeb is a South Florida transplant. The couple's love for the ocean, appetite for progressive politics, and consistent use of creative profanity is what initially drew them to one another.  And now a powerful bond, built on mutual respect and adoration, has laid a foundation for an everlasting love.

The happy couple was married in a private ceremony on February 22, 2022, followed by an amazing Rock Star Honeymoon in Miami Florida's famous South Beach. The couple is so grateful to have found each other. They hope you can join them in celebration of thier marriage on this 4th of July. Save the Date & RSVP now!